The Sun’s poll, in context

21.10.13 by Media Standards Trust

  For the full list of opinion polls featuring questions on press regulation since the Leveson Inquiry began, see here For the MST/YouGov poll of 9-10 October, see here For the Sun/YouGov poll of 14-15 October, see here   On...

A list of all polls featuring press regulation published since May 2012

13.10.13 by Media Standards Trust

    1)      IPPR/YouGov, (fieldwork conducted on) 20th – 21st May 2012 2)      Hacked Off/YouGov, 3rd – 6th October 2012 3)      Carnegie UK/Demos/Populus, published October 2012 4)      Sun/YouGov, 4th – 5th November 2012 5)      Free Speech Network/Survation, 12th – 13th...

The Mail and intrusion into grief – an isolated incident?

04.10.13 by Martin Moore

When a Mail on Sunday journalist intruded on a private memorial service for Ed Miliband’s uncle the editor of the Mail on Sunday, Geordie Greig, apologised and suspended two journalists. It was a ‘terrible lapse of judgment’ he wrote, and...

“Bias” at the BBC, Really? Replicating the CPS Analysis of BBC Online’s Coverage of Think Tanks

04.09.13 by Gordon Ramsay

  With the next BBC Charter Review not too far off, public and political opinion about the broadcaster is going to be increasingly important. The recent CPS report “proving” bias at the BBC got substantial media exposure, yet in replication...

How the press has failed to represent the public mood over Leveson

22.03.13 by Gordon Ramsay

In the past five months there have been eight consecutive opinion polls [Update: this has now risen to nine - see end of post] that flatly contradict the editorial position taken by the overwhelming majority of British national newspapers on...

An analysis of the Delaunay Deal

07.12.12 by Martin Moore

This week it was reported that the editors of the national newspapers had made great strides towards accepting the vast majority of Leveson’s recommendations. The Guardian reported that the broadsheet and tabloid editors ‘agreed at a breakfast summit to 40...

Et tu, FT?

01.11.12 by Martin Moore

One of the most disappointing things about Tuesday’s FT leader column, ‘Leveson, the British press and the law’, is not that it parrots the self-interested arguments made by other papers (though it does), or that its logic is inconsistent (though...

Letter to the FT

31.10.12 by Martin Moore

This letter was sent to the Financial Times on Tuesday 30th October in response to the leader ‘Leveson, the British media and the law’. It has has not – as yet – been published. Update: letter published in the FT...

Why Leveson won’t opt for the Irish model of press regulation

30.10.12 by Martin Moore

… and what the ‘Irish model’ actually means Saturday’s Times newspaper claimed it knew the answer to the million dollar question – what is Lord Justice Leveson going to recommend? The judge, the paper said, would reject pure self-regulation and...

A misleading defence of press freedom

25.10.12 by Martin Moore

In today’s Telegraph, an editorial by Tim Luckhurst argues for a continuation of press self-regulation and asserts that both the Hacked Off campaign and the Media Standards Trust are ‘are determined to blur the distinction between statutory regulation and self-regulation...

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MST Response to PCC Defence of IPSO

27.03.14 Media Standards Trust

  The Media Standards Trust has submitted a response to the Culture, Media and Sport...


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