Journalisted unveils ‘Editor’s Page’ for national newspaper editors

The MST has today published profiles of each UK national newspaper editor on its Journalisted website.

Each ‘editor’s page’ is similar to the profile pages for individual journalists, containing basic biographical details like education and employment (where available), articles and books written by the editor, awards won, and professional contact details. The profiles also link to other sites that have biographical information, interviews or speeches given by the editor.

The lack of publicly available information on many of the editors means that some of the pages are sparsely populated – if you have any additional information, please get in touch, or if you are one of the editors, you can claim your profile.

Director of the MST, Martin Moore, wrote in a blogpost: ‘British national newspaper editors have the power to choose what should be read by over 10 million people in Britain everyday, have the ability to influence public policy, and are regularly invited to meetings at Downing Street and Chequers. Yet we know very little about them. So thought it would have a go at making them a little less invisible.’

The pages are: