Media Standards Trust Content Analysis: How the UK Press Covered Leveson and the Royal Charter – Dataset Published


The Media Standards Trust will publish the second part of an analysis of UK national press coverage of press regulation on 4th September 2014. The analysis, ‘Press Coverage of Leveson Part 2: Report and Royal Charter’ follows on from the previous installment, available here.


As with the previous analysis, the dataset built and used to analyse news content is being made available for analysis by the public. The full set can be downloaded in Excel format here:




An explanation of the research methods used, and a record of amendments to the dataset can be found here:


Research Methods and FAQs

Dataset Amendment Log


We have published this raw data, and the methodology behind its collection, before publishing our report and analysis, for three reasons:

1. To identify mistakes in the data

2. To answer questions about the methodology

3. To enable other people to analyse the raw data for research purposes

This is in line with our commitment to open data.


A Summary of the Research:

This is a database of all the articles published on press regulation in the UK national press from November 29th 2012, when the Leveson Report was published, until 29th November 2013, spanning a full year.

The stories were identified and selected from a number of resources, including Factiva, Lexis Nexis, and the various websites of UK national newspapers, based on a number of search terms. Articles were screened to ensure that they both contained a relevant search term and dealt substantively with press regulation. The final sample contains 2,047 articles.

A list of over 50 variables was created (listed in the first row of the dataset), and values were recorded for each article. The resulting size of the dataset is such that some mistakes will be inevitable. It is therefore published online so that users who identify mistakes in the data can keep us informed. Where mistakes are identified, they can be flagged up by emailing If there is evidence of a mistake the amendment will be made, and listed below.

A full description of the methods used in the project is published here, alongside a log of amendments to the dataset. Following a preliminary presentation of the analysis at the LSE on 16th July, a number of helpful suggestions for the analysis were made. The report is being prepared for publication in September.