MST Analysis of Initial IPSO papers (July 2013)

The Media Standards Trust has written a short analysis of the plans for a new press regulator – IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation) – drawn up by the Industry Implementation group and published on Monday 8th July.

In summary, the analysis finds that although the proposed regulator has differences from the existing system, the IPSO plans fall far short of Lord Justice Leveson’s recommendations. They do not even achieve the so-called broad ‘Leveson principles’ described by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, on 29th November 2012.

These IPSO proposals:
1. Will not provide speedy and up-front corrections and apologies for people who have suffered press abuse
2. Will not provide fair redress for ordinary people who have been libeled or had their privacy seriously intruded upon
3. Will not take complaints on their merit
4. Will not be able to impose serious sanctions on major publishers
5. Demonstrate a profound lack of any functional or meaningful independence from the industry that IPSO seeks to regulate

To read the analysis, click here