MST statement on Sir David Bell’s appointment to the Leveson inquiry

The Media Standards Trust is delighted to hear that Sir David Bell, one of the founders and the current chair of the MST, is to sit on the Leveson inquiry into press standards. The Prime Minister has just announced this in his speech to the House of Commons this morning, Wednesday 20th July.

Sir David has used his considerable experience of the media to great effect as our chair, helping to build the MST into a powerful voice in the current debate around press standards, and supporting our work on press standards, self-regulation and other initiatives in a very difficult media environment.

UPDATED 14:50: Sir David Bell has suspended resigned his chairmanship of the Media Standards Trust, pending discussions with the Media Standards Trust board.

The Media Standards Trust Board has asked an appointments committee to nominate a candidate to act as Chair in Sir David Bell’s absence replace Sir David Bell as chair. An announcement will be made within the next few days.