MST welcomes PCC review

The Media Standards Trust welcomes the announcement that the Press Complaints Commission, under its new chair, is to conduct a major review of the PCC’s governance.

It is important that the review is independent and is seen to be. The review should consult as widely as possible in the course of its work.

As we said in our report, ‘A More Accountable Press’, the existing system needs reform. Effective self-regulation of the press is vital to protecting the public and providing a defence against statutory regulation. The current system of self-regulation, as our first report showed, is not transparent or accountable enough, and we are very pleased that the PCC’s review will look at these issues alongside its operation and constitution.

Director of the MST, Martin Moore, said: “We’re delighted that the PCC has announced a review of its operations and we will be as helpful as we can. Our interest is in making the system of press self-regulation effective on behalf of the public, as well as protecting the press.

“We look forward to discussing these issues with the PCC over the coming months.”