UK news innovators should apply to the IPI News Innovation contest

We need more news innovation. It is a truism to say that there is a news revolution happening. But the only way to survive and do well out of this revolution is to change – and that means innovating.

Yet UK news organisations have – with notable exceptions – been very conservative. For the last few years much of the news industry has been fixated with whether or not the News International paywalls will work. At the same time innovators have been reinventing location based services (Foursquare), community retail (GroupOn), event reporting (Ushahidi) and ‘street journalism’ (Demotix).

Part of this conservatism can be put down to a lack of resources. It is a great shame that the UK does not have an equivalent of the Knight News Challenge, and that there aren’t more foundations investing in the reinvention of news.

All the more reason to take opportunities when they come along. The IPI News Innovation Contest is one such opportunity.

The IPI (International Press Institute) has set up the contest on behalf of Google (who were presumably feeling a little guilty about the crisis in news). Google has stumped up $2.7 million to be given, through the IPI contest, to the most innovative news ideas from Europe, African and the Middle East.

The IPI got in contact with us this week and asked if we could help spread the word since there have not yet been many applications from the UK. It would be a real shame if someone comes along with a pot of funding and none of us get around to applying for it.

There is still over a month to go to the deadline on June 1st, so if you have a good idea – for a new news platform, to support the sustainability of public interest news, or for news training (their three categories) – then write it up over Easter or around your Royal Wedding celebrations, and send it to the IPI.

Source: IPI News Innovation contest