On recent coverage of MST in the press

On Friday the Daily Mail published nine articles over a dozen pages of the paper referring to the Leveson Inquiry and referencing the Media Standards Trust (MST). Stories based on the Daily Mail articles were then published in The Sun and The Daily Telegraph.

The MST was not contacted about any of the articles prior to publication (as opposed to questions sent to some individual Board members regarding their own interests).

There is no mystery about the MST’s funding, as the Daily Mail suggested. Over 80% of MST funding comes from grants from charitable foundations. The rest comes from donations from supportive individuals. Charitable foundation grants are detailed in the annual report and accounts which are all freely available on the Charity Commission website.

Regarding our 2009 report, A More Accountable Press, which is referred to in several Daily Mail articles, Associated Newspapers already put forward a series of questions about the report to the Leveson Inquiry in February 2012. These were answered in detail at the time, though these answers do not appear to be reflected in the article. You can read the [download id="19"]questions and answers here[/download].

The MST is an independent, registered charity. It has no links to Common Purpose beyond one non-executive Board member (on a board of 16 people). The non-executive Board meets four times a year. No Board member has, or could, direct the activities of the Trust, that is the responsibility of the director and other staff. The MST does not receive any funding from Common Purpose.

You can read the Media Standards Trust’s submission to the Leveson Inquiry: here, and donate towards the Orwell Prize’s ‘Buy a Book for Burma’ Campaign here.