IPSO: An assessment by the Media Standards Trust

  Read the analysis here:   The Media Standards Trust today publishes the first external assessment of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), the self-regulatory system put forward by sections of the newspaper industry. The analysis shows that, instead of...

MST Analysis of Initial IPSO papers (July 2013)

The Media Standards Trust has written a short analysis of the plans for a new press regulator – IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation) – drawn up by the Industry Implementation group and published on Monday 8th July. In summary, the...

The Cross-Party Royal Charter vs the PressBoF Royal Charter

    This short document compares the cross-party Royal Charter agreed by Parliament on 18th March with the alternative PressBoF Royal Charter submitted to the Privy Council on 30th April. It is intended to inform those who may not have...

Submission to DCMS Consultation on PressBoF petition for a Royal Charter

The Media Standards Trust submission to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport consultation on the PressBoF petition for a Royal Charter. Submitted to the DCMS in May 2013 Read and download the submission...

Media Standards Trust Leveson Coverage Analysis

  Read the report here:  (.pdf) The datasets used in the report, and a Q&A on our research, can be found here   The Media Standards Trust today publishes a report ‘Analysis: Press Coverage of Leveson Part 1: The Inquiry’,...

Media Standards Trust Publishes Report on February 12th Royal Charter

Could Hunt-Black pass Royal Charter test? (PDF) MST Analysis: Could Black/Hunt plan pass February 12th Royal Charter test? Leveson said the Black/Hunt 2012 plans for a new regulator ‘did not come close’ and Cameron said they were ‘not good enough’...

MST submission to House of Lords Convergence Inquiry

  In August 2012, the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications announced a new Inquiry, ‘Media convergence and its public policy policy impact’, exploring the nature and consequences of digital convergence across the media industries, the public, and public...

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Did the PCC fail when it came to phone hacking?

Many within the press have argued that the Leveson Inquiry is unfortunate and unnecessary, a political distraction partly designed to divert attention from politicians’ links with News International, and a threat to press freedom. They also argue that self-regulation was...

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PCC Statistics: A critical analysis by the Media Standards Trust

An analysis of the measurements of success of the PCC based on its own statistics, including an independent audit of the MST’s findings by Full Fact. The research in this report was undertaken in the first half of 2011 but...

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Privacy: Submission to the Joint Committee on Privacy and Injunctions

News: MST director appears before Joint Committee on Privacy In May 2011, in response to week after week of headlines about the iniquities and impracticalities of privacy protection in UK law, the Attorney-General announced the formation of a Joint Committee...

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MST Response to PCC Defence of IPSO

27.03.14 Media Standards Trust

  The Media Standards Trust has submitted a response to the Culture, Media and Sport...


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Pistorius bail, Moody's downgrade and Child poverty

26.02.13 Pistorius bail, Moody's downgrade and Child poverty

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Orwell Prize 2014 Launch Debate: 21st October

18.09.13 Orwell Prize 2014 Launch Debate: 21st October

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4.05.11 PCC Watch

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