The Cross-Party Royal Charter vs the PressBoF Royal Charter

Download here (pdf)

This short document compares the cross-party Royal Charter agreed by Parliament on 18th March with the alternative PressBoF Royal Charter submitted to the Privy Council on 30th April.

It is intended to inform those who may not have followed the progress reform closely since Leveson, and to give context to the Privy Council’s decision as to whether to accept or reject the PressBoF Charter.

The DCMS is currently considering the PressBoF Charter following its consultation of 3rd-24th May, and will make a recommendation to the Privy Council in June as to whether that Charter should proceed to the next stage.

If the Privy Council rejects the PressBoF Charter in June or July, there is likely to be a strong negative reaction from the press. This document puts that reaction in context, and illustrates the grounds on which the Privy Council could decide to reject the Charter.