The future of investigative journalism: Submission to House of Lords Communications Select Committee

The House of Lords Communications Select Committee launched an inquiry into the future of investigative journalism in July 2011. The Committee was concerned that traditional business models of investigative journalism, vital to a healthy democracy, were being threatened by economic and technological changes. Alongside declining newspaper readership, migration of print advertising to online and fragmenting TV audiences, though, citizen journalism and participatory journalism, propelled by social media, might play a role in the future of investigative journalism.

This is the Media Standards Trust’s submission to that Committee. It is written, not from the perspective of an investigative journalist, but from the perspective of the beneficiaries of investigative journalism, the public. It is based on research, on many conversations with those within and outside the news industry, and on the experience of developing new online tools to help the public better engage with journalism.

MST director, Martin Moore, addressed the committee on 8 November 2011.