Media Blogs: International

A collection of blogs on the media with a mainly international flavour.

  • BuzzMachine By Jeff Jarvis
  • Clay Shirky
  • Common Sense Journalism An extension of the Common Sense Journalism monthly column by Doug Fisher, former broadcaster, newspaper reporter and wire service editor
  • Dan Gillmor At
  • Emily Bell(wether) An English Woman in New York
  • The Great Seduction Andrew Keen on media, culture and politics
  • Hypergene MediaBlog All about participatory journalism, how citizens are changing the future of news and information
  • Kristine Lowe Blogging about everything media, interspersed with the odd report on Scandinavia’s many idiosyncracies
  • Off the Grid Michael Wolff on the inner workings of desperate media, the inner life of the publicity crazed, and the true meaning of the news of the day
  • PressThink By Jay Rosen – press critic, an observer of journalism’s habits, and also a writer trying to make sense of the world
  • RConversation Rebecca MacKinnon’s erratic postings about work, reading, and ideas since 2004
  • Recovering Journalist Mark Potts’ thoughts on the media, the Internet, Web 2.0 and changes in how we create, receive and interact with news, information and advertising
  • Regret the Error Craig Silverman reports on media corrections, retractions, apologies, clarifications and trends regarding accuracy and honesty in the press
  • Rough Type By Nicholas Carr