Trade Associations

Trade unions, associations of publishers and other groups.

  • Association of British Science Writers Exists to help those who write about science and technology, and to improve the standard of science journalism in the UK
  • Chartered Institute of Journalists Professional body for journalists in the UK
  • Commonwealth Journalists Association Dedicated to preserving and protecting press freedom throughout the Commonwealth
  • Foreign Press Association One of the oldest clubs for foreign correspondents in the world
  • International Federation of Journalists The world’s largest organisation of journalists, promoting international action to defend press freedom and social justice through strong, free and independent trade unions of journalists
  • International Press Institute A global organisation of editors, media executives and leading journalists dedicated to the protection of press freedom
  • Medical Journalists’ Association Exists to support and encourage its members and enable them to work efficiently and at high levels of accuracy
  • Newspaper Society Represents and promotes the interests of Britain’s regional and local media
  • National Union of Journalists Trade union seeking to improve the pay and conditions of our members and working to protect and promote media freedom, professionalism and ethical standards in all media
  • Online News Association Inspiring innovation and excellence among digital journalists to better serve the public
  • Periodical Publishers Association Promotes the interests of the UK magazine and business media industry in every way possible
  • Society of Editors Works to protect the freedom of all sectors of the media to report on behalf of the public, members are editors in national, regional and local newspapers, magazines, radio, television and new media, media lawyers and academics in journalism education
  • World Association of Newspapers Represents more than 18,000 publications on five continents, defending and promoting press freedom, contributing to the development of print and digital news publishing and promoting co-operation between its member organisations
  • World Editors Forum The organisation for editors within the World Association of Newspapers